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 Those players you hate facing/talking to

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PostSubject: Those players you hate facing/talking to   Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:00 pm

What the hell this topic is - Basically me raging on the players I and most players hate. I may have overlapped players here or just listed similiar players here, but to be honest I am typing this at like 2AM and I didn't even go back to read it so I don't care if I have perfect grammar either. I do understand some that I talk about who ragequit do fall under a sub category but this is just a little topic I did late at night so don’t expect it to be PERFECT.

The player stuck in 2000 - That guy who only uses 60 card Modified Yugi decks and calls any deck that's beyond the original series just BAD, SUCKS, HORRIBLE, BROKEN, SKILLESS, etc. especially when they're losing to one. Even a deck from GX like idk Destiny Heroes, they just hate on. I especially dislike the ones who are always quoting anime and sometimes even taking the anime literally "NOOO THE SEAL TAKES MY SOUL", "NOW THE SEAL TAKES YOUR SOUL, MWAHAHHAHAA", "Aw cmon, I need to believe in the Heart of the cards and ill win this easily", etc.

The not-so-good rants on any deck that SSes - Similiar to the Player stuck in 2000, these types of duelists just kinda like to rant on any deck that Special Summons, calling it broken even if it does it once or just saying EW META! when it's something like Lightsworn. Also, sometimes they just call meta decks from like one or 2 years ago such as Inzektors and Wind-ups 'meta' and when you use one of those or some of those cards, they just end up ranting saying you have no skill. I know people just don't like meta sometimes but there are some players just really hate any good SSing deck.

The Big Ego Wanna be Seto Kaiba - "HAH, IM THE BEST PLAYER EVER YOU CAN'T BEAT ME!" (example of a real DN user : Rajon9 or Jeff Green who did get banned but he was a really big one of these). "LOL, IVE GOT THE BEST DECK EVER. IT WILL NEVER LOSE AND HASN'T LOST IN A MILLION YRS!", etc. I have even dueled someone before who used chain burn and thought he was the "Strategy Master". I think everyone has faced one of these. There's a big line between being confident in your skills and deck from just down right egotistical.

The Troll - I figured everyone has dueled these types or knows about them but I just had to put them in this topic. That player who acts like a noob trolling especially in rated who you just wait an hour only to have them being annoying and then quit and not get banned. Sometimes there are players who just like to rage and start cheating when they lose and act trollish, especially in rated.

Cheater - Self Explainatory.

Ruleshark - The one who tries to bend the rules especially against noobs even when sometimes it makes the littlest of sense and try to get away with it. I really dislike and hate anyone who is a ruleshark.

The big 'know-it-all' (...Not really) - This fits in with Big Ego players but those people who claim to have the best deck and undefeated 50 - 0 and then I end up dueling 60 card deck with random monsters from the same attribute (true story) followed by the user not even knowing simple things. Or those self proclaimed "best person in _____", "Won several [ENTER BIG TOURNAMENT NAME EVEN IF IT DOESN'T EXIST HERE]", etc. people who when you duel them just don't even know that you can't Monster Reborn a BLS Envoy if it wasn't summoned properly. Also, if you go to really bad academies, like im not even joking seriously has problems...you know the one that bans you for using lightsworns in a duel outside the academy bad? Yeah..those members not very good even when they get the biggest of titles.

That guy who just wasted 40min of your life - Picture this. You're in a rated duel, you have protection for your monsters beyond belief and tons of monsters they can't get out of. Your opponent has one card in hand and no cards in his field. He keeps looking at Extra, Banished, and Grave repeatedly for about 20min saying thinking when he thinks he can still win. Now he's just stalling, and you're pretty sure you won. You tell him "I don't got all night.." and then he ragequits or waits 40min just to say "gg"..Yeah, THAT player.

R-R-R-RAGE!!! Quitter - You waited the whole duel for this, you're doing your combo and getting out your SUPER MEGA AWESOME field...then "You win! Opponent has quit." =l And if you PM them after...   You - I was just about to summon Quasar, WTF? Why did you ragequit? RandomRagerBro101 - I DIDNT RAGEQUIT, YOU DID! YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER, GO FAP TO DMG! YOU FUCKIN SUCK AND HAVE NO LIFE JUST BECAUSE U WON LIKE 100 DUELS. GO DIE IN A FUCKING HOLE!

"You just got lucky.", The guy who blames it on the most absurd things - (the following is an exaggeration of a player like this) : Player A - "Alright dude, GG"
Player B - "Well, not really."
Player A - "?"
Player B - "You know I could have won if I had tons of cards in my grave and then the sky was raining so it could put out your fire attributes and if I got the new Pokemon Game then I could slam my DS on your monster and then the game would have ended in my victory." (Exaggeration but he goes on saying stuff like he knows something when it's just crap)
Player A - "WTF"
Sometimes they just keep raging saying BAD HAND when they overextended and got Dark Hole'd, etc. You usually won't get a 'bad hand' if you have a consistent deck and if you get this 'bad hand' then I usually work with it. Sometimes you do get unlucky but then they just rage on about it.

"LOL, U THINK I CARE ABOUT YGO? YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE NO LIFE, BRO" - Almost every day I feel like doing rated and do a few, I meet someone like this. Almost every time I watch a friend duel in rated, this happens. You're in rated. The guy is losing then starts raging at you cuz you're winning saying YOU HAVE NO LIFE LOL, I BET YOU FAP TO DARK MAGICIAN GIRL AND HAVE NO GIRLFRIEND. OH AND YOURE A VIRGIN! (Yep, this guy said all those things to me then I PM'd him back saying that I do have a life. I am 12 and not a lesbian so I would not have a gf, fap to Dark Magician Girl, or have sex yet.) Sometimes they just ragequit after but i'm talking about the players who continue on spamming and cheating in complete chaos who then say LOL I HATE THIS GAME, U THINK I CARE ABOUT IT OR MY ACCOUNT?!. I say this to them everytime or something like it : If you didn't care, then why would you even be cheating and trolling on a little dueling website. You say I have no life simply for winning a game when you enjoy sitting here for 40min trolling because you probaly have no life at all.

Hypocrite - Rages about Dragon Rulers and how broken the meta is, goes into a duel and uses Spellbooks. Those types of players. Self-Explainatory like the Cheaters.

Noob - Yes, the noob. That guy who joined a day ago and cheats like crazy but can you blame him? I mean really they did just start. Sometimes they cheat purposely but when they don’t know the rules, it can be annoying for an actual player to face them but we all do hate dueling them and waiting for an admin because they don’t know the rules but we have to remember everyone was a noob. I’m not talking about down right bad players here as some people use the word noob to describe them in that context but I mean actual noobs who literally JUST joined.

The Church-Goer - Technically they don’t play Yugioh and they’re not a player but sometimes people come on DN and just say JESUS CHRIST IS LORD! THESE CARDS ARE EVIL AND SHOULD BE BURNED!. You don’t see them often on DN but usually in real life you will see them and on other parts of the internet. I am an atheist though and I used to be a catholic and even as a catholic a few years ago, I still and the Catholics I was around did not rage against Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh (and all the like) and I was ok with them.

The worshipper, Kiss-Ass, or obsessive fanboy - I think all three fit into one category. Those OBSESSED people with a duelist (I hate people who suck up like this or are obsessive over a person like this in general but I do see them in the game and online) usually “famous” (Yes, in quotes) DN people like Squiddy, Fluxeon, Lube, etc. who people go to extreme levels for. Sometimes they’re not even famous and i’ve seen on an older academy I used to go to this guy named Cyberturtle kiss up to pokerpoker, Saturn, and the other admins almost like praising them. He usually did this for his actions at night where he had anger issues as he said (not sure if he did) where he just went all out on random new people and some older members for no reason. I was ok with him until I heard about what he was doing to my friends and other members and later getting all mad at me. We’ve all seen these people, outside or inside Yu-Gi-Oh! and I really dislike them. I get having a role model but...not like going to the extreme.

Anti-admins, the rebels, WE HAVE POWER! people - Those guys who get banned or have a friend who got banned for a legit reason (like spamming someone or using constant insults and harassment towards a user) thinking it was FOR NO REASON and Power abuse because they’re idiots then start a protest on admins and some real idiots join in and are ANTI ADMIN! WE HAVE THE POWER! shit. I don’t like these people, I even knew someone who was like this about a year ago. They also might have disbeliefs on admins like :
- The guy I knew a year ago thought that there was an admin for every duel monitoring the order of decks and how the duel went...and also thought admins could watch the PMs and did 24/7
- They might think that admins are EVIL and want to do bad things to members.
- They might think that all admins abuse their power 24/7 and get away with banning all the admin ‘rebels’.
- They might think DN is a battlefield between Admins and Non admins. =l
- And other stupid idiotic beliefs, etc.

Sorry for a long post. If you think I missed a type of annoying player, leave a reply below.
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Deces Rivendare

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PostSubject: Re: Those players you hate facing/talking to   Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:47 pm

Dunno if they fall into the other player archetypes or if they are one of their own, but there's also sexual lurkers and the "I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a hacker and you're going to get so fucking banned TROLOLOLOL."
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Abidos the Third

DN name : spiritual king
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PostSubject: Re: Those players you hate facing/talking to   Thu Aug 08, 2013 4:21 am

god razor take a breath... lol u typed like a friggen book
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Deces Rivendare

Posts : 159
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Age : 24
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PostSubject: Re: Those players you hate facing/talking to   Thu Aug 08, 2013 5:05 am

"book" That's a 1500 chapter at most. Wait until you have to write a college thesis or dissertation.
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PostSubject: Re: Those players you hate facing/talking to   

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Those players you hate facing/talking to
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