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 Kiminokuro test results

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DN name : Big-Boss-546
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PostSubject: Kiminokuro test results   Sat Aug 17, 2013 6:44 am

Deck: Macro Dinosaur

Creativity/Originality/Competitiveness: 18/20 (competitive and creative for sure)

Rulings: 18/20 (knew rulings but did not catch all my misplays so im only docking 2 points)

Play-style and How Effectively it is Utilized: 17/20 (was very effective with dueling, didn't take advantage of macro being out against my dragunities and lost a duel but still won the match)

Control of Duel: 15/20 (had control for duel 1 and 3 but in the second duel couldn't really score a hit against me or shut down my attacks)

Misplays and Corrections: 15/20 (needs to read the effects of cards and pay attention, used star light road after my mirror force destroyed one monster then claimed how I was wrong)

Preparedness: 16/20 (came with full side but needs to be able to consistently stop attacks, not bragging but I won a duel with only 4 dux attacks and 2 magic cylinders needs more spell and trap negate)

Siding Skills: 20/20 (sided in macro which is perfect for dealing with a dragunity deck, no points off for sided)

Reasoning: 17/20 (made solid choices and was very good at countering my deck with macro, didn't take into consideration my back row it seems as I countered his star light road every time which was pretty much his only spell/trap negate defense)

Attitude: 0/20 (look this is rare on a test but he had a terrible attitude, the entire time we dueled he was harping how he was in white dorm and even had the arrogance to state he was going to get 200/200 just because he activated macro -_- insulted me repeatedly and even had to arrogance to say I only won a duel because of magic cylinder which only took off about 3400 lp, very hypocritical as well calling me arrogant despite the fact that he has an ego bigger then Charlie Sheen when he is winning..... I could go on but you all get the point, RUBBER DUCKIE and demolishargos33 can vouche this result)

Result of Duel: 20/20 (10 points for winning 1/3, 0 for winning no games, and 20 for winning the match 2/3.)

Total: 156/200 Congrats!! welcome to adreus blue dorm and I hope you enjoy your stay here at ADA

Brown: 0-129
Blue: 130-179
White: 180-200
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Kiminokuro test results
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