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 Academy User Guide.

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PostSubject: Academy User Guide.   Wed Jul 10, 2013 2:16 am

Armageddon Duel Academy User Guide.

1. Contents.

You can use CTRL+F to open up a search bar in which you can search for a particular part of the user guide using the contents.

1. Contents.
2. Introduction.
3. What's a Duel Academy?
4. Chatbox.
5. Sections of the Forum.
6. Entrance Exam.
7. Introductions and Dorm Rooms.
8. What Does Members' Colors Mean?
9. What Are ADA Points?
10. What Are Arena Duels?
11. Tournaments.
12. What Are Rankings?
13. Conclusion.

2. Introduction.

Welcome to Armageddon Duel Academy (ADA) (http://armagedda.4umer.com/), this is the user guide, where you can find everything you need to know about the academy. The academy rules are located here (http://armagedda.4umer.com/t1-rules-and-regulations).

3. What's a Duel Academy?

A duel academy is where you can come to duel, improve, chat and make friends among other things. We use the website Dueling Network for most of the things we do here, but some users may have a varient of YGOPro.

4. Chatbox.

At the academy we have a chatbox you should see at the top of the page (the rules are the same as the academy rules), you should log on so you can chat and ask for a test.

5. Sections of the Forum.

As you can see on the academy, there are a bunch of different forum sections and here they'll be explained what they are and what to do in them. In the Announcements section, academy announcements will be posted. In the Introduction section, you can post either an introduction or a goodbye. In the Rules section, the academy rules are posted. In the Suggestions section, you can post suggestions for the academy. In the Tester's Offices section, you can request a test if no one is in the chat that can, or ask a question if you are unsure about a part of testing. In the Test Results section, people test results are posted. The Demise White Adreus Blue and Knight Brown, are the dorms, here you should post your dorm room when you know which dorm you're in.
The [url=http://armagedda.4umer.com/f9-abondened-dark-castleAbandoned Dark Castle[/url] section, is where Abandoned Dark Members should have their dorm rooms. TheArmageddon Emperors section, is where important topics are discussed between mods and admins, only mods and admins can post their. The Tournaments section, is where tournaments are found. The Rankings section, is where the rankings of the academy are found. The Marketplace section, is where you should post if you want to trade real Yu-Gi-Oh card with people. The Duel Arena section, is where you post the results of duel arena duels. The Shadow Duel Arena section, is where you post the results of shadow duel arena duels. The Extra Discussion section, is where you can discuss things not Yu-Gi-Oh Related. The Yu-Gi-Oh Discussion), is where you can discuss things Yu-Gi-Oh related. The ADA Shop section, is where you can find decklist shops or GFX shops. The Teacher's Offices section, is where you can find lessons that teachers have posted.

6. Entrance Exam.

When you come to the academy there is an entrance exam, here you will be tested in a best 2 out of three match duel using this rubric (http://armagedda.4umer.com/t60-new-testing-rubric). This will decide which dorm you are in at the academy, you can take a retest as long as the conditions are met for one.

7. Introductions and Dorm Rooms.

When you join the academy, you should post an introduction about yourself, so people can know some more about you. You should also do this in your dorm room, in your respective dorm.

8. What Does Members' Colors Mean?

As you can see people on the academy have different colors, you can find what these mean at the bottom of the main page, but here there will be more go information. If a member is grey, that means they are untested and aren't in a dorm yet. If a member is brown, that means they are in the Knight brown dorm. If a member is blue, that means they are in the Adreus Blue Dorm. If a member is white, this means they are in the Demise White dorm. If a member is green, this means that they are a VIP, a VIP is a member that was once in the Abandoned Dark dorm or an admin, but are no longer for a reason. If a member is light blue, this means that they are a tester, a tester and above can test you for your entrance exam or any retests. If a members pink, this means that they are a teacher, they post regular lessons in the teacher's office and you can ask them about rulings or making a deck and they might help. If a member is purple, this means they are in the Abandoned Dark Castle Dorm, these people are dorm leaders and moderators. If a user is gold, this means they are an admin, admins are the people with the highest authority in the academy and they greatly help the academy run.

9. What Are ADA Points?

Here at ADA, we have a points system, you can use these points to buy a decklist from shops people have opened in the ADA shop, or you can use them for a retest (100 points). You can obtain points by recruiting members, posting, doing weekly homework set by either me, or your dorm leader and you can participate in arena duels.

10. What Are Arena Duels?

An arena duel is either a duel in which you can win points. In a normal arena duel, the two duelists will duel in a single match and the winner will get 10 points (if they have proof of the win). There's also shadow duels and in shadow duels you bet points and your opponent must bet the same and the winner takes all, a shadow duel is a match duel as opposed to a single one.

11. Tournaments.

At the academy we do tournaments (which can be found here), our "signature" tournament is the Grand Prix, where teams of duelists duel against other teams to win, but we also hold standard tournaments as well. Winning a tournament will award you with starchips and the more you have, the more people will see you as a good duelist that can win tournaments.

12. What Are Rankings?

There are academy rankings at the academy, here the most active duelists will be posted, this is based on posts, ADA points and general activity.

13. Conclusion.

This is the end of the user guide, if you have any more questions ask on the chat or Pm an admin. I hope you enjoy your stay at Armageddon Duel Academy.
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Academy User Guide.
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