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 Blue Dorm HW -- Week 01 (With new dorm leader)

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The amazing nigga yo

DN name : The Dragon Incarnate
Posts : 141
ADA Points : 322
Join date : 2013-07-10
Age : 17
Location : Shadow Realm

PostSubject: Blue Dorm HW -- Week 01 (With new dorm leader)   Thu Aug 01, 2013 1:28 am

***PM me the Decklist, and two Screenshots because I do not want people looking at the decklist above and copying. DO NOT POST SCREENSHOTS + DECKLIST BELOW.****

All blue dorm members will have to make a deck that is not stall, burn, or meta and it will be a deck that can only have 2000 original ATK or less monsters in it (This goes for Main, Extra, and Side deck.). You must also show at least 2 pics of winning against 2 different people with this deck to show you completed making the deck consistent and that it can win against different people.  ***Creativity counts! The maximum points rewarded for this assignment is 150. It may seem hard at first but once you open up your mind and start looking at a few cards with great effects and not so much original ATK, it's easy to do. Any deck with 1 or more of a more than 2000 original ATK monster in the Side Deck, Main Deck, or Extra Deck will get no credit for this deck at all as you did not complete it correctly in any way. Any deck using banned cards, 2 or 3 copies of a limited card, or 3 copies of a semi-limited card will get no credit for this assignment, the deck must be Advanced Format. You will have a week to complete this assignment starting the day this is posted.
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The amazing nigga yo

DN name : The Dragon Incarnate
Posts : 141
ADA Points : 322
Join date : 2013-07-10
Age : 17
Location : Shadow Realm

PostSubject: Blue Dorm HW Week 1 Grades   Sun Aug 04, 2013 2:05 am

Assignment : Blue Dorm Homework -- Week 1

Count 'till due date of homework : 0 Days Left (i'll keep updating this with the new count) ***ASSIGNMENT DUE, PLEASE CHECK FOR NEW ASSIGNMENT POSTED***

Grades So Far : (This will be for the people who PM'd me their Homework Assignments so far, I will update this when more Assignment PMs come in)

Darkphoenix - I took off points because :
                   - Not full Side Deck
                   - Not full Extra Deck
                   - No wins attached (You have a few days to get those two wins in)
                   - There's a few choices that you didn't really need in the deck (Such as Goblin Zombie) and a lot you needed to be added to the deck such as the 3 staple cards : Dark Hole, Heavy Storm, Monster Reborn. Not to mention no MST.
                   - Not very consistent and I suggest taking a few cards out to shorten down the deck size.
                                   Grade : 30/150

Nomad2 - Omg, I think you nailed this Assignment perfectly. The only suggestions I have are try to put in the 3 staples : Monster Reborn, Heavy Storm, Dark Hole, and atleast 1-2 MST. Also cut down on one Dark Bribe and side in the Trap Jammer. Other than that, I think you did great. The two potions can be switched out for Fiendish Chains because Fiendish Chain negates the effect as well as them not being able to attack plus it works on all types, not just non-Machine like Paralyzing Potion does. Your Deck Size is great, it's consistent, it's awesome, you got two awesome wins to prove it! Full Side and Extra, and all! Great Job.
                         Grade : 140/150
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Blue Dorm HW -- Week 01 (With new dorm leader)
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